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Reasons Why You Should Study in Cyprus

reasons why you should study in cyprus

Cyprus is an ideal place to study for foreign students but also locals. Most Cyprus Universities are top-ranked academic intuitions worldwide and offer various study options with amazing research centres. If you are interested in Studying in Cyprus this is the right article for you. Here you can find the most important reasons why you should study in Cyprus and the opportunities Cyprus Universities offer to international students. Learn more about Cyprus Universities and get in contact for more information.

Quality and Affordability

Cyprus has become a very popular destination for many internationally, with over 20,000 foreign students studying in Cyprus, 7,000 being in higher education. It was calculated that in the academic year of 2018 and 2019, 53% of the university student population were international students from other countries of the world. This indicates the popularity but also the quality of the research facilities and universities in Cyprus. Moreover, Cyprus offers many affordable programs of study with an average of tuition fees annually being around €3,000 to €8,000 for bachelor’s degrees and €5,000 to €10,000 for master’s degrees. Also, many scholarships are available in Cyprus for students with good academic performances.

Networking Opportunities

Cyprus is in the eastern Mediterranean and is a member of the European Union and a crossroad between the three continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa. This makes the island an ideal location for many international students but also offers many connections and networking opportunities with other European universities and research facilities in Cyprus. Also, Cyprus universities give students amazing learning opportunities and graduates can acquire the knowledge necessary to make them good candidates for job opportunities in many countries aboard.

The English Language

The language barrier can be a very big issue for many students who want to study aboard. Many countries can be challenging to fit for a student because of the language spoken in the country. Cyprus is a country where the local population speaks Greek but also English is spoken by a very high percentage of the people. Because Cyprus is a tourist location, most of the Cypriot population is very familiar with the English language and can communicate with foreigners to a standard degree. It is also important to mention that most universities in Cyprus offer English-taught programs of study for foreign students with no prior knowledge of the Greek language. Also, many universities offer English language training lessons for students to enhance their English abilities.

Safe Island

Cyprus is one of the safest countries of Europe and many students choose the island as their study destination since safety is a big concern for students who want to study in a different country. Crime rates are very low compared to other countries in Europe and it is a place where students can feel safe living in.

History and Culture

Cyprus is an island with many years of history behind it and it is considered a cultural hub with more than 10,000 years of history and human civilization. Many places in Cyprus and many archaeological sites and locations are part of the UNESCO world heritage program and are protected and kept safe as they are part of the history and culture of Cyprus. Many museums and sights are available for people to visit and explore and many places that require a fee for entrance have discount offers for students. Although Cyprus is a small island, all cities have something special to offer and amazing historical and beautiful locations for any student to visit.

Unique Island

The island of Cyprus is a destination that can be explored and enjoyed. With sunshine and warm weather most days of the year, it’s a place where no student should be locked in the classroom all day. It is a pleasant and relaxing place to live in and students can have any opportunities for outdoor activities in their free time during their stay in Cyprus. Also, Cyprus has a vibrant nightlife and can offer students many unique experiences and very enjoyable student life.