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Psychology Studies in Cyprus

Psychology is the science that studies the mind and human behavior. It is an exciting, yet demanding science. Psychology students in Cyprus learn to understand why people act in certain ways, how they respond to the world around them, and what social, biological, cognitive or emotional factors can influence these processes.

While studying Psychology in Cyprus, students cover subjects about cognitive neuropsychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, social psychology, research methods and many others.

Through Psychology studies in Cyprus, students learn about themselves and those around them. As a graduate progresses in their future career they will often be required to make difficult decisions and work in high-pressure environments. Being trained to know one’s own personality and be aware of someone’s behavior can give a unique perspective. At the end of their studies, psychology students will be able to explain human behavior through scientific methods.

psychology studies in cyprus

Undergraduate Psychology Studies in Cyprus

Main Psychology Fields

Counseling Psychology

Counselors help people cope with difficult personal situations and provide the appropriate guidance to achieve their life goals.

Social Psychology

It is focusing on the ways in which society affects how people think and act and studies how people interact with each other.

Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychologists focus on how people perceive and communicate with the world’s surroundings and how they remember past experiences. Cognitive researchers seek treatments for people with mental disorders.

Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychologists provide their expertise on how people’s mindset change over their lifetime. Also, they conduct research regarding age-related development and they may help children and adults suffering from any psychological issues.


A mixture of neurology and psychology. Neuropsychologists are experts in how the nervous system affects human behavior and emotions.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychologists diagnose and treat people with mental health disorders.

School Psychology

School psychologists provide support to students and their families. They consult with teachers and other school staff to improve support and coordinate any services needed.

Sports Psychology

Focusing on helping athletes maintain their focus and endurance.

Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychologists often analyze the mental states and behaviors of criminals, allowing them to provide valuable insights that may be critical to determining guild or innocence. They also co-operate with the police to solve crimes.

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