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Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in Cyprus

For anyone interested in pursuing a career in law, a degree in legal studies from Cyprus Universities is an excellent starting point. This interdisciplinary program provides a broad overview of different areas of law, including constitutional and criminal law, as well as specialized courses on subjects like contracts and civil litigation. Along with teaching the analytical skills necessary for understanding complex legal concepts, an LLB also exposes students to specific areas of the field that they may be interested in pursuing after graduation. An LLB is a comprehensive law program that provides students with a strong foundation in legal theory and practice. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in law or simply want to deepen your understanding of the legal system, an LLB can be an excellent choice.

bachelor of laws in cyprus

Duration: 4 years

Study Mode: Full-time / Part-time

Language: Greek / English

Teaching Mode: On campus

Information about Legal Studies in Cyprus


Legal studies in Cyprus aim to cover different aspects of legal professions. Students get general knowledge and an in-depth understanding of national and international laws and regulations. Students will understand the foundations of law and develop critical thinking and research skills.

The purpose of Legal Studies in Cyprus is to equip students with a sound understanding of the various fields of law and help them understand the legal system and how it affects society. By learning about the many laws and regulations that are in place, students can gain a better appreciation for the vital role that law plays in shaping modern society. Additionally, legal studies provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate legal systems both locally and globally, equipping them with the ability to address complex legal issues both ethically and effectively. Doing your Bachelor of Laws in Cyprus, emphasis is given to a wide range of disciplinary approaches to legal studies.


Law graduates are expected to understand the foundations and history of the legal system, demonstrate an ability to conduct comparative analyses of different legal systems and have a heightened awareness of ethical issues in law. By the end of their studies, students should also be able to perform and conduct legal research and give legal advice. Additionally, students are expected to develop strong critical thinking skills and gain practical experience through simulations or other hands-on learning experiences.


With a law degree, graduates acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills to be employed in all fields related to legal professions. Law careers usually involve legal consultants, judges, advocates and many more. Additionally, graduates have the fundamentals to work for both private and public organizations and companies.

Cyprus Universities Offering Bachelors of Laws

  • University of Nicosia
  • UCLan Cyprus
  • Philips University
  • European University Cyprus
  • Frederick University
  • Neapolis University Pafos


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