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Bachelor of Byzantine Music and Psaltic Art in Cyprus

Studies in the field of Byzantine Music at Cyprus Universities delve deep into the rich history and cultural traditions of early Christian civilization. This exciting field focuses on the art of psaltic composition, performance, analysis, and interpretation. A bachelor’s degree in Byzantine music will provide students with comprehensive training in the art of writing and performing Byzantine chants, while also equipping them with the skills they need to explore musical texts and contexts within the broader context of Byzantine culture.

byzantine music and psaltic art in cyprus

Duration: 4 years

Study Mode: Full-time

Language: Greek

Teaching Mode: Distance Learning

Information about Byzantine Music and Psaltic Art Studies


The primary objective of a bachelor’s degree in Byzantine music with a concentration in psaltic art is to provide students with a deep understanding of rich musical traditions that have shaped our culture and heritage. Students will gain an appreciation for the interplay of sounds and melodies – both ancient and modern –  that characterize Byzantine music. In addition, students will develop advanced singing and playing skills that enable them to perform Byzantine hymns and other traditional repertoires at a professional level.


Students studying Byzantine Music and Psaltic Art in Cyprus are expected to develop a deep understanding of Byzantine music theory. This knowledge provides them with the skills needed to not only create their own musical compositions but also to analyze existing music and identify its underlying principles. On the practical side, students are expected to learn how to perform traditional Byzantine music using traditional instruments. They are also expected to gain expertise in musical notation. Students also gain valuable experience by performing in concerts throughout their university years.


Given the rich history and cultural importance of Byzantine music, graduates of this program are well-positioned for a variety of rewarding career paths in both academia and performing arts. Graduates may go on to become ethnomusicologists, historians, composers, or professional musicians. In addition, graduates develop highly specialized technical skills that can be applied to other careers related to music technology or studio recording. Overall, the program offers excellent career prospects that are sure to satisfy anyone with a passion for making and preserving beautiful music.

Cyprus Universities Offering Byzantine Music – Psaltic Art Studies

  • European University Cyprus


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