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Bachelor in Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing in Cyprus

As the role of public relations (PR), advertising, and marketing continues to evolve in today’s increasingly interconnected world, there is a growing need for professionals with specialized expertise in these fields. A bachelor’s degree in PR, Advertising, & Marketing from Cyprus Universities can help graduates to develop the skills necessary to thrive and this dynamic and exciting field. So if you are looking for a career that offers endless opportunities for creativity and innovation, look no further than a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Advertising & Marketing.

bachelor in public relations

Duration: 4 years

Study Mode: Full-time / Part-time

Language: English / Greek

Teaching Mode: On campus

Information about Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing Studies in Cyprus


With courses in digital media production, strategic branding, market research, and communications theory, a Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing degree in Cyprus provides students with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience they need to succeed in an ever-changing marketplace. Also, such degrees aim to enable graduates to successfully enter today’s job market or continue their studies in graduate schools.


Graduates with a degree in PR, Advertising & Marketing in Cyprus are expected to be able to lead in the core fields of the program. Additionally, graduates should be able to plan and manage projects and they are expected to be able to work effectively on their own as well as part of a team.


Graduates of a PR, Advertising & Marketing undergraduate program in Cyprus can work in many sectors. They can be employed both in the public and private sectors. They can work as public relations officers, marketing managers, consultants and many more.

Cyprus Universities Offering Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing Studies

  • University of Nicosia


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