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Bachelor in Graphic Design in Cyprus

Becoming a graphic designer in Cyprus takes passion, dedication, and skill. An undergraduate degree in graphic design from Cyprus Universities is an excellent way to hone these essential qualities and prepare you for a career in the exciting field of graphic design. So if you have the drive and talent to succeed, join a graphic design program in Cyprus and let your creativity run wild!

bachelor in graphic design in cyprus

Duration: 4 years

Study Mode: Full-time

Language: Greek / English

Teaching Mode: On campus

Information about Graphic Design Studies in Cyprus


Graphic design is an evolving discipline that requires a specialized set of skills and knowledge in order to create effective visual communication. Such objectives may include learning about the history and evolution of graphic design, developing a solid understanding of the principles and elements that underlie such work, and gaining hands-on experience through the creation of actual designs. Also, students studying Graphic Design in Cyprus should be exposed to different types of software and technologies used in graphic design in order to develop their skills as creators and strategists in this dynamic field. The ultimate goal of graphic design studies at Cyprus Universities is to prepare students for successful careers as designers, with a particular focus on using their unique skill-set to create meaningful messages that reach diverse audiences across various platforms.


Graphic design studies at Cyprus Universities are constantly evolving and changing, and it is crucial that students who pursue a career in this creative field are able to keep up with these changes and adapt. Students are expected to learn how to use the latest graphic design software and be able to recognize the roles that technology and marketing play in shaping contemporary design practice.


Career prospects for graduates with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design from Cyprus Universities are varied. Graduates have many occupational options. They can work in advertising, web design, visual communications, and many more. Whether you want to start your own company or work as a freelancer, you will have the opportunity to do so with a degree in Graphic Design in Cyprus.

Cyprus Universities Offering Graphic Design Studies

  • European University Cyprus


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