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Bachelor in Dance in Cyprus

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in dance in Cyprus is an excellent way to develop your passion for this form of art and strengthen your abilities as a dancer. Undergraduate degrees in dance are designed to teach students the techniques and theory behind this form of art. In addition to learning fundamental movements and technical skills, dance studies also explore different styles and genres of dance. In addition to learning from experienced instructors and working with other talented dancers, you will have the opportunity to perform both solo and group pieces at local events. With dedication, hard work, and a lot of practice, you can emerge from your time studying dance as a skilled performer with a deep understanding of the art of dance. So if you are passionate about movement and want to take your dancing to the next level, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in dance may be for you!

bachelor in dance in cyprus

Duration: 4 years

Study Mode: Full-time / Part-time

Language: English

Teaching Mode: On campus

Information about Dance Studies in Cyprus


The primary objective of a Bachelor in Dance program is to provide students with a strong foundation in both analytical and creative aspects of dance performance. To achieve this goal, students will take a variety of courses covering topics such as the history and theory of dance, the fundamentals of movement and body awareness, and various disciplines within dance. Additionally, students will develop their own artistic voice through technique classes and special projects for self-expression. Graduates of a Bachelor in Dance program will have the skills necessary to pursue careers in dance performance or continue on to graduate studies in dance or related disciplines. Ultimately, they will be well equipped to make meaningful contributions to the ever-evolving field of dance.


Learning outcomes of a Bachelor in Dance are varied and diverse, depending on the specific program and form of dance that is studied. At the most basic level, students will develop their skills as dancers, learning new techniques and refining existing skills. Additionally, graduates of a Bachelor in Dance often gain important theoretical knowledge about movement and performance, allowing them to better understand the creative process and how dance can be used to express ideas and emotions. Most programs also include practical components where students work with mentors and fellow dancers to develop new works or hone existing pieces. Overall, earning a Bachelor’s in Dance in Cyprus provides students with a strong foundation in both technical skills and critical thinking that can help them succeed in the world of dance both now and in the future.


The career prospects for people with a bachelor’s degree in dance from Cyprus Universities are varied and exciting. With a dance degree, you have a wide range of career aspects. Some of them include dance teaching, choreography, and performing arts management. Furthermore, your training will prepare you for a variety of career possibilities that are not directly connected with dance and require strong communication and leadership skills. Whether you choose to work in a traditional occupation or use your love for dancing and arts in general to forge an entirely new career path, undergraduate dance studies in Cyprus will help you to succeed in any direction you want.

Cyprus Universities Offering Dance Studies

  • University of Nicosia


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