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Bachelor in Computer Science in Cyprus

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science in Cyprus is one of the most exciting and rewarding paths a student can take. With the rapid technological advancements of our modern age, there is an abundance of constantly evolving opportunities for those with the right education and skills to excel. Whether you are interested in diving into coding at a high level, developing software and apps, or designing new creative systems, a bachelor’s degree in computer science can help you unlock your full potential and thrive in today’s digital landscape. Additionally, this degree prepares students for competitive jobs in an immensely fast-growing industry, while also providing valuable training that can be applied across many diverse sectors. So if you are passionate about technology and looking to join the ranks of an endlessly dynamic field, then make sure to consider a computer science degree program as your next step!

computer science in cyprus

Duration: 4 years

Study Mode: Full-time / Part-time

Language: Greek / English

Teaching Mode: On campus

Information about Computer Science Studies in Cyprus


The main objectives of computer science studies in Cyprus Universities are to give students a strong theoretical foundation in all aspects of computer science, as well as the practical skills necessary to understand and contribute to the ever-changing technology landscape. Throughout the program, students will gain exposure to a broad range of topics, including hardware design and engineering, fundamental programming concepts, algorithm development and analysis, software engineering principles, and data structures and analysis. Additionally, they will learn how to use industry-standard tools and programming languages. By acquiring these skills and knowledge, students will be well prepared to pursue advanced degrees or find employment in a variety of fields related to computer science.


Pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer science can be an exciting and rewarding experience. The curriculum typically covers a broad range of topics, including programming languages, data structures and algorithms, systems design, and software engineering. These areas are not only the foundation for a career in technology, but they also provide important skills that are relevant to many other fields. Additionally, students are expected to gain hands-on technical experience through lab courses and project assignments that help to reinforce key concepts and solidify their learning. Overall, graduates are expected to be provided with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in today’s technology-driven world.


Computer science is a rapidly changing and expanding field, and it is considered to be one of the most exciting areas for those interested in having a career in technology. As the world becomes increasingly connected and reliant on code-based technologies, the career prospects available to computer science graduates continue to grow and expand. Graduates can go on to work in technical roles such as software development or explore other fields such as consulting and product management. Therefore, if you are thinking about pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Cyprus Universities, know that the career prospects are truly limitless.

Cyprus Universities Offering Computer Science Studies

  • University of Nicosia
  • European University Cyprus
  • Frederick University
  • American University of Cyprus
  • Neapolis University Pafos
  • UCLan Cyprus


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