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Bachelor in Business Administration: Management and Human Resources
in Cyprus

A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in management and human resources at Cyprus Universities is an ideal path for anyone who is interested in working in the dynamic world of business. Whether you hope to be part of upper-level management or you see yourself on the front lines, interacting directly with clients and employees, such degree programs can help you develop the skills, knowledge, and experience that you need to succeed. These specialized tracks allow students to focus on the key components of successful management and HR practices, preparing them for careers in these areas.

management and human resources in cyprus

Duration: 4 years

Study Mode: Full-time / Part-time

Language: Greek / English

Teaching Mode: On campus

Information about Business Administration: Management and Human Resources Studies in Cyprus


The objectives of a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration: Management & HR in Cyprus are to prepare students for a variety of professional roles in the business world. This includes developing the skills to plan, organize, lead, and control organizations in traditional and emerging industries. Furthermore, students will learn how to develop and apply effective HR policies and practices that help organizations attract, retain, and reward top talents.


Students with a bachelor’s in Business Administration: Management & HR in Cyprus are expected to gain an in-depth understanding of key business concepts, including managerial and operational strategies, as well as analytical skills that can be applied to all areas of a business. Additionally, graduates are expected to build competencies in human resource planning and management that can aid in the recruitment, development, and retention of top talent within an organization. With these skills at their disposal, students will be well-equipped to lead teams, manage projects effectively, and contribute positively to the success of any business or organization.


A bachelor’s in Business Administration: Management & HR from Cyprus Universities is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build a successful career in business. Graduates can expect to find jobs in various sectors of the business world, including finance, marketing, operations, and more. In particular, careers that involve managing teams or overseeing projects are likely to be popular among graduates in this field. Some possible job titles include team leader, account manager, project manager, or production manager. Additionally, jobs in HR typically involve talent development strategies, such as training programs or employee wellness initiatives. Some typical job titles associated with this specialization include recruiters, HR operations, etc.

Cyprus Universities Offering Business Administration: Management and Human Resources Studies

  • University of Nicosia


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